Eco friendly, energy-efficient seaside houses in Kakumäe!

A unique marina Haven Kakumäe

The harbor was put into commission in the spring of 2017. It is designed for 290 yachts and has a modern and high-technology infrastructure. Each patron's requests will be served to the extent possible. Buying our eco friendly houses you choose premium real estate in Tallinn with all the accompanying benefits!

Extensive infrastructure

Kakumäe is a modern town district with the amenities you would expect of a city. You can easily get here using regular public transportation. You also have a variety of services such as schools, shopping malls and healthcare facilities, etc.!

A new vacation home in Tallinn

Our modern architecture homes give you the benefits of a house in the country and the advantages of city living in the country’s capital. You will be able to quickly get to work and children will be able to visit their activities (sports, hobbies, fun, educational, etc.) with ease.

Nature and ecology

Kakumae is a district of Tallinn near the sea and not far from the city’s center. Everything here is made for comfortable living and adding pleasure to your daily life in a quiet and peaceful environment accessible to parks, bicycle paths, and the beach. You will enjoy every day you spend here!

Complete safety

Kakumäe is quiet and peaceful and considered to be the safest area in Tallinn. Your house near the sea will always be under watch thanks to the neighborhood watch system. With our seaside houses we strive to create maximum comfort to make you feel confident and safe.

Projects Under Construction

A modern duplex house in Art Nouveau style located in the Kakumäe area. The house is located 200 meters from a new maritime recreation center in Tallinn – Haven Kakumäe. The project will be ready in the autumn of 2021. Requests for reservation of seaside houses are being accepted now.

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Completed Projects


Selise 23, Kakumäe, Tallinn

This is a state-of-the-art duplex house that has set new standards for the prestigious real estate in Tallinn. The project was completely ready in the spring of 2019. The same year, an official permission was granted to put the house into operation. The living areas are 150.5 m2 and 149.9 m2, the land plot areas are 620 m2 and 705 m2.

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Processes and solutions we use for real estate construction


We use construction materials of the highest quality from proven manufacturers and utilize the most efficient building technologies.

Aesthetics and elegance

Contemporary building design accents the beauty of your house. Modern Architecture is today's classic which is always highly appreciated.

Economic efficiency

We install highly efficient solar panels and use the best gas equipment from the German manufacturer Viessmann for heating, which allows you to minimize house maintenance costs.

Energy efficiency

Each eco friendly house we build offers a Class B or higher power efficiency rating. This makes living in our houses not only comfortable but also economically advantageous!

We carry out all development projects at the highest level and are confident in the impeccable quality of the work performed. That is why, when you make a decision to buy a home, you receive a 2-year warranty for it.

Real estate development and sale of luxury homes in Tallinn are the main activity of our company. We strive to build modern, high quality houses by the sea using innovative technologies, careful attention to details and exceptional professionalism. Our determination allows us to set new standards of high class real estate in Tallinn.

All of our houses are cost efficient, energy efficient, modern and truly exquisite. They are located in the safest area of Tallinn. Kakumäe is a one-of-a-kind corner of paradise on a shore of the Baltic Sea. Our goal is to make real estate in Kakumäe accessible. We are constantly developing and are doing everything possible so that our luxury homes meet the highest standards!